Build on It!

Want to build your own application once and deploy it everywhere, regardless of the available home, building or industrial automation systems? The Dog Gateway offers a technology independent REST API upon which you can build your own web applications, mobile apps, or whatever you imagine. Moreover, it offers a WebSocket API, based on the WebSocket technology, that extends the functionalities provided by the REST API. Exploit the power of standard web technology and interaction paradigms to boost up your productivity and to free your talent, start building now!

Dog REST API - Summary

The Dog REST API allows developers to easily integrate home and building automation into their applications, be they web applications, smartphone (Android, iOS, etc.) apps or computer programs.

APIs allow to:

API access is currently available over HTTP, at:


To select the desired response type (JSON or XML), the Accept HTTP header must be used in the request. In the same way, a proper Content-Type must be always present for PUT and POST requests.

See the REST API documentation for further information.

Dog WebSocket API - Summary

The Dog WebSocket API extends the Dog REST API and maintains the same message structure and format employed in it.

Specifically, it provides a real full duplex connection between Dog, acting as a server, and a client: in this way, it let developers establish an asynchronous, real time, and bi-directional communication.

Moreover, it introduces the possibility for a client to receive notifications from the devices present in the environment.

See the WebSocket API documentation for further information and have a look at the dedicated guide(soon available).