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Dog comes as a DEBIAN package

Today we released the firsts versions of Dog DEBIAN packages. These packages include a minimal, yet working version of Dog incorporating EnOcean drivers. They have been tested primarily on Raspbian (Buster and earlier), however they should run on Ubuntu 18.04 and Debian Buster with almost no issue.


Posted on 18 January 2020

The latest official Modbus drivers are on-line

Today we released the official update to Modbus drivers, which includes a completely different approach to register translation, supporting many of the Modbus register variants that can be encountered in real-life. Moreover, several bug fixes have been introduced (after field-testing) to enable a more robust handling of Modbus communication (and configuration) errors. The released update is 100% backward compatible with previous releases.


Posted on 4 September 2019

Updated the Dog core and the Modbus Library

Today we release a relevant update of the core library which brings Dog in-line with the latest DogOnt v4.0.X ontology. Moreover, the update includes additional features for Notifications. In fact, in this new version, each notification may carry a notification unique id and the class name of the device who generated the notification. Additionally, ParametricNotifications have been enriched to provide a shared, generic, getNotificationValue which allows easier access to measures carried by notifications, without needing to know the exact type of the ParametricNotification being used.


Posted on 19 April 2019

Dog is still alive

You might have noticed a sensible decrease in “public” activities of the Dog gateway team. However, we are still working on this project and striving to improve missing or poorly covered aspects. While we are experiencing a period of lower activity, mainly due to the fact that Dog is currently developed in our spare time, we are still working on fixing bugs, adding new features, supporting current users of the gateway. In the last months, our efforts were mainly devoted to our EnOcean drivers and library (EnJ), which currently supports several new profiles and presents several fixes for bugs that were highlighted by some of the library users. Thank you! We also devoted some effort on consolidation of Modbus Serial drivers and on their update to the latest structure of Dog drivers.


Posted on 27 March 2018

Updated the Dog core library

Today we release a relevant update of the core library which brings Dog in-line with the latest DogOnt v4.0 ontology. Such an update includes some strong re-factoring of class trees related to device models and in particular includes the complete removal of all *System classes. Moreover support to additional devices is provided, extending the set of supported devices beyond the usual set of home automation devices.


Posted on 5 May 2017

Added new EEP to the EnJ library

Thanks to a pull request from Rémi Druilhe, the EnJ library has now support for the D20106 Enocean Equipment Profile. Thank you Rémi!


Posted on 21 April 2017

Added support to Multiple Z-Wave gateways

The last months were quite interesting for the Dog gateway. Today we just released an updated version of ZWave drivers able to connect to multiple RazBerry gateways, concurrently. Moreover, we are steadily working on updating and extending support to Modbus including RTU over serial connections, device blacklisting for better handling failing devices, etc. We have started working on adding auto-discovery to ZWave drivers to enable automatic discovery of devices already associated to a pre-existing ZWave network. More features and updates are expected including:


Posted on 10 February 2017

UPnP advertiser available

Today we have released a first, yet to be refined version, of UPnP advertizer for Dog.


Posted on 19 October 2016

Plugwise drivers available

Today we have released the first complete version of drivers for Plugwise Circle devices. Support to Plugwise devices is based upon the Plugwise-2-py library and consumes data delivery over MQTT thanks to the Dog MQTT library.


Posted on 17 June 2016

Experimental Bluetooth Low Energy drivers available

Today we have released the first complete version of drivers for Bluetooth Low Energy devices. In particular we released the generic Bluetooth Low Energy network driver, which enables communication with BLE devices, and a set of drivers for the Texas Instruments CC2650 Sensor Tag. Support to BLE is built on top of the wonderful TinyB Bluetooth library.


Posted on 26 May 2016

11 February 2016 Patched Z-Wave drivers
15 January 2016 New device definitions
6 November 2015 Posting notifications to XBMC
9 September 2015 The Virtual appliances bundle has been released
23 July 2015 The EnOcean Drivers for Dog have been released
13 March 2015 The EnOcean Java Library (EnJ) has been released
22 January 2015 EnOcean hack session using Python and Dog
19 January 2015 NodOn® devices unpacking
13 January 2015 Testing the WebSocket bundle
23 December 2014 Testing the MqttBridge bundle
23 December 2014 Added Mqtt support
17 December 2014 EnOcean development kindly supported by NodOn®
4 November 2014 History API published
11 October 2014 Interacting with More than one Automation System
10 October 2014 Interacting with Z-Wave
25 July 2014 History bundle published
18 July 2014 Updated ZWave drivers to the latest ZWay version
11 July 2014 Back to the Semantic Web
1 July 2014 ZigBee drivers are now available!
18 June 2014 Experimental drivers for Philips Hue are now available!
12 June 2014 WebSocket API are now available!
6 June 2014 Published the Device Reference for the REST API
26 May 2014 Dog 3.1 is out!
11 April 2014 Hardware button and LED to control association in wireless networks
4 April 2014 Supporting the "AmI: technologies and design" course at PoliTo
3 April 2014 Added support to Quadruple Sensors
20 March 2014 New Pi image online
20 March 2014 Dog Live!
24 February 2014 Device driver How-To (for existing technologies)
14 February 2014 Dog 3.0 is out!
18 June 2012 Dog 2.3 Architecture
1 June 2012 Intelligent Domotic Environments
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