Supporting the "AmI: technologies and design" course at PoliTo

4 April 2014

We are sponsoring the “Ambient Intelligence: Technologies and Design” course (2014 edition) taught at Politecnico di Torino in the Spring session.

In such a context we provide three Dog installations respectively connected to:

  • a ZWave network including 5 metered plugs and 3 quadruple sensors
  • a ZigBee network including 10 metered plugs, 3 movement sensors, 3 temperature and humidity sensors, and many other devices kindly provided by the Energy@Home consortium through Telecom Italia Lab, to sponsor the course
  • a BTicino Myhome network including a MyHome SDK case kindly provided by BTicino to sponsor the course
  • a Philips HUE bridge with 3 lamps and one lightstrip

The resulting test bench is shown below, and includes 3 Raspberry Pi running Dog, the Philips HUE bridge, 1 Ethernet switch and 1 wireless access point.