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11 July 2014

The Dog gateway was born with the Semantic Web in mind. A big portion of the gateway is self-generated by querying DogOnt, an OWL2 ontology which enables device interoperability in Smart Environments. Nevertheless, in its base working mode, the gateway reads all the needed device configurations from an XML file, handled by the Simple House Model. But another HouseModel exists.

Today, we unveil a brand new version of the Semantic House Model. Such a bundle is able to get required device configurations from an OWL2 ontology that represents some instances of DogOnt. In this way, it will allow “smarter” behavior and complex interactions respect to the Simple House Model.

The Semantic House Model exploits the open-source OWL API library and the HermiT reasoner for handling and processing the ontology data.

Checkout the OSGi bundles from GitHub:

To get started developing with the Semantic House Model in Eclipse:

  1. clone/download the above Git repositories,
  2. import the projects in Semantic House Model, Semantic Library and HermiT for OSGi,
  3. import the jar files in the Semantic Dependencies repository as binary plugin projects,
  4. and try running the sample configuration available in the Sample Configuration repository.

Have fun and let us know if something is broken!