EnOcean development kindly supported by NodOn®

17 December 2014

Today, NodOn® agreed to provide us free samples of their EnOcean devices to support final testing and delivery of the EnOcean Java API we are currently developing for enabling EnOcean integration in Dog.

NodOn® proposes a wide range of connected devices for smart home application, in both EnOcean® wireless and battery-less technology and Z-Wave+ Radio protocol.

Their products are standalone (a remote can control a plug directly), which give an easy and plug & play access to Home Automation to everybody.

But above all, NodOn® products are compliant with the Home Automation standards, which allow them to be included in wider network, controlled by an Home Automation gateway.

NodOn® products are 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in their own R&D centers and manufacturing facilities.

For more details, visit the website at www.nodon.fr

We wish to thank NodOn® for the kind support and we are eagerly waiting these devices to be delivered to start experimenting and testing.