Dog is still alive

27 March 2018

You might have noticed a sensible decrease in “public” activities of the Dog gateway team. However, we are still working on this project and striving to improve missing or poorly covered aspects. While we are experiencing a period of lower activity, mainly due to the fact that Dog is currently developed in our spare time, we are still working on fixing bugs, adding new features, supporting current users of the gateway. In the last months, our efforts were mainly devoted to our EnOcean drivers and library (EnJ), which currently supports several new profiles and presents several fixes for bugs that were highlighted by some of the library users. Thank you! We also devoted some effort on consolidation of Modbus Serial drivers and on their update to the latest structure of Dog drivers.

We plan to invest more effort on Dog in the next months, both on fixing/upgrading dog modules to the latest versions of libraries and solutions, and on further automation on Dog modules building with the aim of making Dog fully buildable through Maven (Tycho).

We would like to here from you about desired features, annoying bugs, suggestions, etc. So please, stay tuned and contact us for any concern! We are always open to new contributors, if you wish to get more involved in the project, drop us few lines describing what is your planned contribution and/or how you would like to help us in this project.

The Dog development Team